Central Library, S. S. College

The central library of S. S. College, Hailakandi was established in the year 1950 along with the commencement of the college itself, with an objective to fulfill the information needs of the students and teachers in the form of study materials, books, periodical journals, collection of invited research article etc .Within the span of 50 years of service, the central library documented commendable upliftment.

The library has a separated well documented section for collection of books on local tradition and culture to sustain the heritage of the past. For easier search and find, the collection of library is subdivided into several sections viz; Text, Reference, Ready reference information, book bank, Computerized Lending, Books on local tradition and culture. Journals and recent traditions.

At present the central library S. S. College, has a total collection of 15958 no of books on various subjects and topics. The library subscribes 18 national and international research journals and 5 local and national News Papers.

The library is having OPAC terminal. Which help the user to find out a particular book very easily with the help of computer.

The Library is also having DELNET consortium service subscribed. Which is facilitating the inter library borrowing facility to the students and teacher of the college .

Librarian: Dr. Shibojit Choudhury., B.Sc., M.LiSc. Ph.D