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Department of Physics!

Department of Physics started its journey in the year 1958. From the year 1958 the S. S. College start running its Science stream also. The department start offering its pre UG level study from the year 1958 and the UG level study was started from the year 1960. The honours courses of the department started in the year 1965. The teaching staff strength of the department is 4 teacher.

Present Head of the Department is:Mr. BADRUJJAMAN MIRA, M.Sc

Faculty members of the departments
1. Dr. ASHIM KALYAN, M.Sc, M.Phil , Ph.D
  Assistant Professor (Senior Scale)
  Specialization: Particle Physics
  Research interest: High Energy Physics, Lie algebraic Application


2. Dr. RUPAM SEN, M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D
  Assistant Professor (Senior Scale)
  Specialization: Particle Physics,
  Research interest: High Energy Physics, Lie algebraic Application


  Lecturer, & Head of the Department
  Specialization: Solid State Physics


4. Dr. SUBHA GAURAB ROY , M.Sc (Gold Medalist), Ph.D
  Assistant Professor
  Specialization: Condensed Matter Physics
  Research interest: Lie algebraic Application to Quantum systems.

The faculty pattern is as on 14/05/2018

Departmental Activity

A number of minor research project was completed by the department. The department is having a well equipped laboratory to carry out its practical experiments. A large no. of Rank Holders in the Hons. course  is produced from the department.All the teachers of the department were the students of the Department. The department organizes a UGC sponsored national seminar and also planning to organise a UGC sponsored workshop. The department also offers One year certificate course on Electronics and electrical maintenance, a UGC Sponsored Career Oriented Course.